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Join us ending prejudices and create empowering connections in our communities by promoting judgement-free conversations among people form different walks of life, religion, race or skin color. #dontassumeASK was created by Women’s Impact, a nonprofit that since 2011 have the mission to create opportunities for women to connect and empower each other.   One of the barriers in the way of creating empowering connection is the assumption of someone’s character based in stereotypes, religion, race, or skin color and not in real facts.   Our goal is to create an awareness in our communities, schools and social media that it takes just one simple step to avoid prejudism and create empowering connections - #dontassumeASK

Choose Curiosity over Criticism and Start the Conversation

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Engage in #dontassumeASK conversations and turn your criticism into curiosity.

    Talk to friends and family and join the movement.


Post about #dontassumeASK on social media when you see a post that makes an assumption about someone.

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Host a #dontassumeASK meeting in your own community, college or school.

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    Observe what differences you see in another person that make you want to pull away or criticize them.



    Notice the critical or fearful thoughts that can come that are not based in fact, but in presumptions.



    Engage in conscious conversations, exchanging criticism for curiousity!

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Our society is made of people from all kinds of backgrounds, and if we want to live in communities that are free from fear, prejudice, and hatred then we need to learn how to have genuine conversations that take strangers from being an unfamiliar threat to familiar friend.

Contact us to bring #dontassumeASK to your home, school and community. Join the Change.